At Canis Major Digital we make distribution easy and understandable. We keep the artist in the driver seat and allow you to choose how fast or calculated you would like to go.  If you would like to pay per release or release unlimited music with our premium membership it is all up to you.

Below are our services we offer to our members:


Don’t be another great artist that gets lost through the millions of aspiring musicians out there. Canis Major Digital provides the opportunity to pierce through that noise while keeping you in control.

A few of our digital partners include Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon, and Google Play. Premium Members enjoy unlimited distribution privileges. Contact us today to discuss how distribution can positively increase success  in your music career!


It takes a great level of passion, hard-work, and dedication to create music for the millions of listeners in the world. Your music career is in your hands, and you deserve to collect the money you have earned!

Canis Major Publishing thrives on providing our member’s transparency and visibility into income statements to anticipate and understand
quarterly distributions.



At Canis Major Digital we understand the priority in providing great customer service.  The music business can be very intimidating and confusing to say the least.  This is why we on board our Premium members with an account manager who is just as invested in your music goals as you are.  They will be there every step of the way to answer questions, provide updates or  just make sure things are going smoothly for you.  We want to be a part of the process, so use us.


We provide our members detailed and data-driven reports to help drive business decisions for optimal ROI. Analytics and sales reports are available for all major digital platforms. Reports include sales, streams and heat maps of listener’s locations down to the zip code.

Your music career means everything to us. We want to make sure you and your stakeholders know exactly where your release stands. Premium Membership grants access to these reports to determine what is needed to expand your global reach! ​


Your music business, like any significant investment, requires trust and piece of mind. Canis Major Digital protects our member’s transactions and content material delivered from unauthorized parties.

We use PCI security standards to protect your financial transactions as well as tools to track your music against piracy. Knowing your catalog is in safe hands as well as your business information is a standard all customers of Canis Major Digital can expect!